Winter Sales


How will we handle your order placed on our site?

  1. Your order will be carried out as soon as we received your payment. You can pay by bancontact, visa, mastercard or/and remittance. If you pay by remittance, you will receive our e-mail in which we clearely inform you that we will forward the goods as soon as we receive your payment on our account. This can take one or two banking-days.
  2. Further, the goods will leave our department store and will be packed by one of our assistances.
  3. After packing and protecting the goods, the closed box and voucher belonging to the order, will be photographed. Attention: the box is always closed by our personal tapes. In all other cases, the box has been opened by an unauthorized person so that the insurance and warranty will not be valid anymore from our side.
  4. The goods will be collected by the transporter between 2 and 4 p.m. and transported to their storehouse. Here they will be sorted while a second photo of the closed box is taken.
  5. Your order is leaving now their department store to its destination, that means to the delivery address, which can be different of the invoice address, depending on your personal choice. Be carefull while choising the delivery address. The best choice is an address where somebody is present all day long. The transporter guarantees that 90 % of the orders will be executed within 24 houres if the goods have been taken in our storehouse between 2 and 4 p.m. When nobody is present on the indicated address, you will find a message in your postbox so that you can take your order in the nearest collection service or postoffice.
  6. If you do not pick up this item within the specified period, you will receive a reminder and a new deadline.
  7. Your order will stay another 14 days at your disposal in the collection service. If it has not been collected during these 2 weeks, the goods will be returned to us. If you still wish to receive the merchandise, we will keep it another 14 days in our department store. At your request, they can be returned to you provided that you will pay the normal forwarding costs.

If you chose to pick up your package in our store(s), our staff will keep you up-to-date by e-mail or text message on the status of your order.

All packages are shipped by Bpost ou PostNL.