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Optimal drainage of waste fluids


  • The Sport Compression sock delivers a relatively high pressure and works with a decreasing pressure variation from the ankle to the knee. This ensures that the blood flow from the capillary network towards the heart is being optimized. As a result, your waste fluids are being processed and removed at a much faster rate.

  • Dosed compression

  • Decreasing pressure variation from ankle to the knee

  • Effective with calf complaints, shin splints and Achilles issues

  • Faster recovery after working out


Preventative and Healing

  • The calves work preventative and have a healing component with calf soreness, pulled muscles, and contortions. The Herzog socks decrease the impact when working out and therefore assist in preventing muscle damage. Putting on the socks and taking them off

  • Explained elsewhere is the (physiological) importance that the compression socks deliver the highest amount of pressure around the ankle level. This causes for the socks to be a big difficult to put on, but that makes perfect sense. Precisely at the ankle is where the girth is the smallest, whereas the thicker calf has to pass through this narrow range. Consequently, we decided to make your life a little easier by providing simple instructions to put them on and take them off.


Putting on the socks

  • Grab the sock around the outer edge and put your hand all the way down its shaft.

  • Grab the heel of the sock on the inside between your thumb and index finger and turn the sock inside out until you reach the foot. Only the shaft of the sock is now turned inside out, so the foot part of the sock remains in the shaft.

  • Stretch out the foot part with two hands and pull this gently over your foot and heel. Your foot is now inside the sock up to your heel.

  • Now pull the shaft in one careful movement over the heel until you run into some resistance.

  • Now pull back the outside rim of the shaft back down before pulling up the now double folded shaft over the heel until your foot is positioned nicely. If necessary, repeat this procedure until the foot is positioned perfectly.

  • Continue to divide the shaft of the sock crease free over your lower leg. If you can see your calf through the knitting (when the sock is lighter of color) you should redistribute the shaft.


Taking off the socks

  • Grab the sock on the outer edge and pull the shaft inside out over your heel until this becomes difficult.

  • The shaft is then double folder over your foot. Push the double beaten part gently over your heel.

  • Now you can pull the outer edge of the shaft and the sock will come off easily. Tools

  • To facilitate the process of putting on the socks and to prevent damaging the sock we recommend using rubber household gloves that contain a solid profile.



  • Measure the width 1cm below knee fold.

  • Measure the largest calf width.

  • Measure the thinnest refeerence, right above the ankle-bone.

  • Measure the heel-instep.

  • Measure the length of the leg.



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